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彩票网站 强大的 艺术的 独特的 你.

At the Art Academy of Cincinnati, you will gain the technical skills and critical thinking abilities that will fuel your work with relentless, 影响ful creativity.

art academy of cincinnati logo a.a.c. 黑色的
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设计 your own 旅程 through art school.

Many art schools have defined programs and career tracks. They ask you to decide your path before you even begin. We believe that you don’t have to know who you are on day one. 在这里, we’ll provide personalized support as you figure out your direction, and then we’ll stand aside so you can truly shine.


发现你的 ,你的 激情,还有你自己.

你 want to learn how to use your art effectively – yet stay true to who you really are. Our 社区 is committed to providing guidance and resources for rebellious young creatives.

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At the Art Academy of Cincinnati,

you’ll unlock the following opportunities for innovation, experimentation, 协作, and radical risk-taking:

Inspired to try everything? Our interdisciplinary approach means that you can experiment with an education as inventive as you are.


快来加入 社区 of 人 who can't stop creating.

Make art with an 影响 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Every industry requires good art and 设计. We also know the path to becoming an in-demand creative is not clear. That’s why we 设计ed the Art Academy of Cincinnati to be an affordable place where you’ll learn the practical skills you need to make art work for you.  

We lead diverse groups of talented artists towards engaging, productive careers. 在一起, our educators and students have established a vibrant 社区 celebrating the power of art and 设计 since 1869. 在这里, students gain the problem-solving skills and practical 设计 techniques that will make them career-ready after graduation.   

Discover a supportive, diverse 社区 of artists who see you for who you are.

Book a tour, or see an exhibit. We’d love to see you at Site1212. Or, give us a call, and you can shadow a student for a day. 

Our counselors will provide individualized guidance every step of the way. We’ll also help you seek out scholarships. 

Join a 社区 of creatives. Find the safe, radiant space you need to express yourself, experiment, and create. 

Get inspired to create art that shatters ceilings and starts conversations.

Site1212 is where our 社区 comes together to collaborate, 连接, and converse about the issues 影响ing our world today. Check out our calendar to join a class or see a show.

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Due To Inclement Weather

Classes are cancelled

January 25th, 2023

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